Actor says “Muhammad(S)” made positive impression on non-Muslim audience

Tehran, Sept 19, IRNA – Actor Alireza Shojanuri believes that Majid Majidi’s “Muhammad (S), the Messenger of God” has made a positive impression on the non-Muslim audience at the Montreal Film Festival.

“The world premiere of ‘Muhammad(S)’ at the 39th Montreal World Film Festival (August 27) was a unique experience for me, since the film made a positive impression on the non-Muslim audience and they left the theater with a good feeling,” Shojanuri told MNA on Friday.
Shojanuri plays the role of Abdul Muttalib, the Grandfather of the Prophet Muhammad (S) in the film, which is about the childhood of the Prophet of Islam (S).
“After the film screening I spoke briefly with several non-Muslim individuals and found out they had liked the film. Most of the European and American spectators had come to find answers to their questions about the religion of Islam,” he explained.
“Some had come to see how a film on the religion of Islam has been made by an Iranian director and where to find their religion within the film,” he said.
“I also met a Jew who wanted to know the opinion of the film about the Jewish religion. He said that the film has been honest about the non-Muslims and that he has a new attitude towards Muslims after seeing the film,” Shojanuri added.
“What was interesting for me as an Iranian Muslim and an actor in the film was that the audience left the theater with a good feeling and believed that the film producers have treated them with respect by making such a film,” he mentioned.
The film was able to depict a beautiful image of the Muslims in the world, he concluded.
Montreal organizers arranged several additional screenings for “Muhammad (S” during the 12-day event.
With a budget of over $50 million, the 171-minute movie is the most expensive film ever made in Iran in five years.
Renowned international craftsmen and artists including director of photography Vittorio Storaro, editor Roberto Perpignani, special effects designer Scott E. Anderson, makeup designer Gianetto De Rossi and Indian composer A. R. Rahman collaborated in the production.
The film has been a box-office hit in Iranian movie theaters since its premiere in the country on August 27.