Sep 11, 2015, 3:25 PM
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Syria only front against ISIS, says Iran Australian envoy

Kuala Lumpur, Sept 11, IRNA – Any international coalition against Syria to overthrow Bashar Assad is like trying to walk in darkness and it is going to exacerbate the situation even more, says the Iranian ambassador to Australia, describing Syria the only front against ISIS terrorists.

'We are supporting Assad and his government because if he is toppled, the conditions are going to get worse,' Abdolhossein Vahaji told the Australian media on Friday.
On Wednesday, Australia decided to participate in the air attacks conducted by Western coalition forces against certain targets in Syria after US President Barack Obama pledged for its military cooperation.
Australia says its fighters will only attack ISIS targets and not governmental centers and public places in Syria.
'If you cannot foresee the future and fail to devise a plan for the future, you are going to walk in darkness, and walking in darkness bodes for bad consequences,' Vahaji said, in direct comments addressing the Australian statesmen.
Vahaji's remarks came after Australian Defense Minister, Kevin Andrews, had called for a Western common strategy in the Middle East.
Andrews had also said that Australia in search for a political solution to end Assad's rule was intended to ally itself with the United States and Britain.
'If you bring Assad down, who is going to replace him?' asked the Iranian envoy, 'Of course it will be ISIS terrorists who will seize power if Assad goes.'