Jul 15, 2015, 5:57 PM
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Rational Congressmen may change stance on Iran deal: Pickering

New York, July 15, IRNA – Former US ambassador Thomas Pickering said on Wednesday that although number of US legislators are opposing nuclear deal, but, there are rational people at the US Congress, who may change their stance by reading the context of agreement.

US veteran diplomat and former US ambassador to the United Nations Thomas Pickering told IRNA correspondent that nowadays, in international relations, access to an agreement on an issue between several countries with different political standing and perspectives is not simple and that Iran and member countries of Group 5+1 by achieving the agreement reached unprecedented and historical achievement.

He called the day of nuclear agreement as an important historical day and said that this day could be a new chapter for changing political relations between Iran with world states and giving up hostility and mistrust between Iran and the US.

Pickering said that in this stage we should be waiting for reaction of Iran's Majlis and the US Congress to the historical achievement and that unfortunately we witness reactions not very positive by number of American legislators, which is not surprising for me and I expected such behavior, but, even the critical legislators may change their stance by reading the context of the agreement and understand value and importance of such a deal.

He underlined that in case of reading the context, instead of political prejudgment, they would make objective reality as a base for their judgment, no doubt they will make consensus.

Replying a question by IRNA that considering hostile attitude of number of the US congressmen since beginning of negotiations whether there is any hope for changing their stance or not? Pickering laughed and said that why not? there are rational people even at the American Congress.

The correspondent asked the veteran US politician that if there would not be any rational and logical persons at the US congress, in case that President Obama was forced to veto the US legislator's decision, is there any possibility to void Obama veto or not?

Pickering answered that since beginning I believed that in case of access to a good agreement, even if it takes to veto stage by President Obama its nullification would not be easy.

Currently prediction about fate of the agreement at the US congress is difficult, he said, adding that even conflict between the US legislators and the president may lead to veto by him and efforts of republicans to nullify the veto, they would need to convince at least 57 congressmen, that is very impossible.

Pickering said that the US congress does not need a lot of time to receive context and annexes of the agreement and they can receive all the documents via their email, so there would be no pretext to waste time and prolong the period of studying the agreement.