Jun 7, 2015, 5:51 PM
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Salami: Americans only understand language of force

Qom, June 7, IRNA - Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Brigadier-General Hossein Salami said on Sunday that the Americans have nothing to do with logic and they only understand the language of force.

Speaking for a group of clerics at Qom theological school, he said you should not assume that the Americans will easily make compromise with Iran as they are unjust and merciless in nature.

The Americans spoil their wealth and power in deserts without any political justification, he said.

The Americans are now very polite and treat differently and you have no evidence to indicate that the US Secretary of State along with other global powers to sit at a round table with representatives of an independent country like Iran to go ahead with diplomatic negotiations, he said.

The US president has confessed that it is not possible to talk with Iranians with the language of threat as they are ready to give one million martyrs to defend their pride and they once proved in Iraqi aggression, he said.

Iranians are powerful enough to attain triumph in every war with global powers such as the US, he said.

Great Iranian nation are to defend the country's territorial integrity, he underlined.

The seminar in Qom is to highlight current crimes in Yemen, he said.

The crimes and atrocities of the Zionists in Lebanon were covered by global news agencies but there is no reporter in Yemen to reflect the country's realities, he said.

Americans seek to regain their hegemony through putting pressure on Islam and to the same reason they are masterminding current scenario in Yemen, he said.

The reality is that the US Imperialism is on annihilation path and the Islamic revolution proved that world Muslims are determined to attain their religious identity, he said.