Rezaei: Saudis come to their senses, put an end to genocide in Yemen

Ahvaz, May 26, IRNA – Secretary of the Expediency Council Mohsen Rezaei called on the Saudis to come to their senses and put an end to genocide and crimes in Yemen and leave the fate of the Yemenis to the people of Yemen.

Speaking at a local gathering Monday evening, Rezaei described cruel aggression of Saudi Arabia against people of Yemen as an example of modern barbarism similar to the assault of the Zionists against Gaza.

“Definitely, the Saudis will take no advantage of the massacre of Yemenis women and children,” said the official.

Noting that Saudis aggression on Yemen is a type of war of proxy, he said the cruel assault of the Saudis on Yemen is taking place to maintain interests of the Zionists and the US and in line with sowing discord in the world of Islam.

The Americans, he continued, are fanning the flames of insecurity and discord in the region and are trying to further weaken Islam in the region without loosing even one soldier.

Stressing that the Saudis were agents of the US and Zionists in the Middle East region, Rezaei noted, in the 50 days of the Saudis aggression on Yemen 10 to 15 million of civilians have been displaced in the mountains and deserts areas.

Even the infrastructures of the country and their gas stations have not been safe from the Saudi attacks.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Rezaei pointed to the crimes of Takfiri and Daesh terrorist groups in Syria, Iraq and Lebanon and cruel massacre of the people in those countries.

Takfiri terrorists are involved in the massacre of Shiites, Sunnis, Christians and other religious minorities in Syria and Iraq and have created an atmosphere of terror in the world of Islam, said the official.

Referring to the aim of the terrorist groups in creating unrest and dragging the conflict and insecurity to the Iranian borders, Rezaei said: “Enemies of the eight-year war intend to test their chance one again and by breaking out war and dragging it to our borders block the way to tranquility and progress in the Islamic Iran.' However, Rezaei stressed, 'They wont be successful as vigilance and resistance of the Iranian nation would prevent them from reaching their goals.”

He further remarked that rendering help to Syria and Iraq against terrorism is in line with national security.

“We are not after fighting but will not remain silent and indifferent against dangerous plots of the enemies,” the official stressed.

Rezaei added, “Iran will by no means tolerate any threats near its borders.”