May 18, 2015, 3:47 PM
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Pakistan will not provide Saudi with nukes: former army official

Islamabad, May 18, IRNA – Pakistani senior analyst Lieutenant General Talat Masood on Monday said that the news reports of western media that Saudi Arabia is said to have taken the 'strategic decision' to acquire nuclear weapons from ally Pakistan, are baseless and false.

Speaking to IRNA he said that objective of these kinds of reports is to malign Pakistan. “These reports are not new as this is happing for past many years and their sole objective is to defame Pakistan,” he said.

He said that as Iran and Western powers are set to sign a comprehensive nuclear deal so the western media is creating a hype that under some kind of threatو Saudi Arabia might ask Pakistan to give it nuclear weapons.

The analyst said that objective of this move is to put Pakistan and Saudi Arabia under pressure. He added that these reports are incorrect as Pakistan is a responsible nuclear state and knows its responsibilities very well.

He said that Pakistan has a good standing at international level and cannot afford to take a step that could damage its reputation in the world. “Selling of nuclear weapons to Saudi Arabia is something out of question,” he said.