May 12, 2015, 10:46 AM
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Jahangiri: Nuclear talks, cabinet’s top priority

Tehran, May 12, IRNA – First Vice President Ishaq Jahangiri said nuclear negotiations is certainly Iranian cabinet’s top priority.

In an exclusive interview with IRNA, he said there is no doubt that nuclear negotiations are now the most basic issue the government is concentrating on.

“We have been involved in serious talks with a number of world’s big powers for quite a while now. So, the President, his cabinet and the members of the negotiating team have naturally to dedicate enough time and energy to take this very sensitive, difficult and complicated issue to the desired result.”

He said the issue of nuclear negotiations was of prime importance for the country because they had to safeguard and stabilize the rights of the nation while observing all the red lines existing.

He went on to express that Iran certainly faced many difficulties especially in gas and oil areas due to the unfair sanctions being imposed on the country.

“And in conducting our banking affairs, like monetary transactions, we have serious problems,” the top government official said.

Of course, he stressed, the cabinet has already prepared for even harsher conditions.

'We already have plans there, in case the nuclear talks fail, to effectively manage affairs in the country, so we think that the nuclear negotiations are just the number one topic in the country but not the only one,' Jahangiri added.

The senior official also praised the abilities of the members of the Iranian nuclear negotiations team who have managed, despite their very limited number, to efficiently defend the rights of the nation during talks with six world powers.

He said that thanks to the capabilities of this team, Iran has achieved some desired agreements in the technical areas of the talks.

He stressed that the Iranian negotiators, especially now that they are involved in the task of drafting the nuclear agreement, have the support of all sectors including expert teams in banking, economic and oil affairs.

These teams have been especially active in areas where the anti-Iran sanctions are particularly focused.

Turning to the political situation in the country, he said that the government has been trying to restore tranquility in the political atmosphere by assuring all those who feel proximity with the system and seek activities within the existing legal frameworks, that they face no restrictions.

Indeed, he stressed, the government advocates lawful forms of activities by all political groups inside the country.

This is another high priority issue for the government, he said, noting that there is serious commitment to confront any kind of illogical pressures.

“All governor generals and governors throughout the country have got instructions to strongly support all kinds of lawful meetings and gatherings. No group is entitled to create disorder or deny others the chance to hold their own meetings. Security and tranquility of the country is so important for us. The integrity of the system from within inside is of high sensitivity for us. That is why we have been allocating time to our relations with the religious jurisprudents, clerics and ulema, university people and elites.”