May 6, 2015, 1:56 AM
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Ansarullah rejects claims on Iran's interference in Yemen

Tehran, May 6, IRNA -- Salih al-Samad, the head of Ansarullah's political council, dismissed Saudi Arabia's allegations that Iran is meddling in Yemen's internal affairs.

'We can see that Iran doesn’t interfere in Yemen and Yemen's decisions are taken independently,' Samad was quoted as saying by Yemen Ala'an news website on Tuesday.

Samad, meantime, said that the real meddlers are Saudi Arabia and the US which hatch plots against the regional states and use terrorist groups like the al-Qaeda as a tool to occupy countries and interfere in their internal affairs.

'If Iran and its decisions played a role in Yemen, 40 days of Saudi aggression against Yemen would have been a good opportunity for taking revenge from Al Saud,' he added.

He described the Saudi-led aggression against Yemen as a US-Zionist plot to destabilize and disintegrate the country.