May 1, 2015, 8:33 PM
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Berlin-based Arab diplomat raps Saudi Arabia's anti-Iran campaign

Berlin, May 1, IRNA -- A senior Berlin-based Arab diplomat lambasted Saudi Arabia for its ongoing hostile political campaign against Iran, branding it unacceptable.

Speaking to IRNA in Berlin on condition of anonymity, the Arab diplomat said Saudi Arabia was blaming Iran for all its domestic and foreign problems to divert attention from the real situation inside the kingdom.

'They are shifting all the blame on Iran but they can no longer cover up all their problems. What we are seeing in Saudi Arabia is unfortunately very negative. You have a growing number of very poor people living in Riyadh who can hardly make the ends meet and on other hand you have a Saudi prince who is spending one million euros a night in London,' he added.

The diplomat who is stationed at the embassy of a Persian Gulf Arab state in the German capital, highlighted also the criticial state of human rights in Saudi Arabia.

He pointed out the West was instrumentalizing Riyadh's aggressive anti-Iran policy to serve Israel's security interests.

'The Saudis are shoveling their own grave because they are serving Israeli interests. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has repeatedly said we have good allies in the Arab world who are cooperating with us,' the diplomat said.

Asked specifically about his assessment of the new Saudi leadership, the diplomat expressed deep scepticism.

'The new Saudi leadership is giving us no cause for hope. The only hope for the future of Saudi Arabia is its young generation. I don't think the older generation of Saudis is the answer to mounting domestic problems in the country,' he reiterated.

'The Saudi regime will soon no longer be able to control the situation in the country.'

Meanwhile, he lashed out at Riyadh for its military intervention in neighboring Yemen.

'As a fellow Arab I could have never imagined that an Arab country would bomb another Arab country. This is incredible. It hurts me so much personally,' the diplomat stressed.

He predicted the war in Yemen would continue for a long time, saying Saudi Arabian leaders believe stopping the military campaign would ultimately make their country irrelevant not only in the Mideast region but also on the international scene.

The diplomat made clear Saudi Arabia could not win the war by conducting only air strikes.