Minority's controversies in Parliament threat against nuclear talks

Tehran, April 27, IRNA – Vice President for Parliamentary Affairs Hojjatoleslam Majid Ansari said on Monday controversial debates of minority faction in parliament, especially in mass media, might threaten the success of country in nuclear negotiations with world powers.

Ansari made the remark in response to a question by IRNA in an exclusive interview, bitterly criticizing the hardliners in the parliament and the media that have side by side with the Zionists, some US senators and some reactionary Arab countries such as the Saudi Arabia creating problems in the way of successful completion of the nuclear talks.

He said that it is a great sorrow that for manieth time under the tough and sensitive conditions that the competent knights of our country in diplomatic field are at the forefront of talks with 6 world powers to materialize our nation's interests some people inside Iran put forth erroneous discussions and imposed psychological pressure against them.

'Such people's deeds are definitely against the national interests and the advice of the Supreme Leader on need to harmonize in the thoughts and the deeds this year as the leader has advised,' he said.

The vice president for parliamentary affairs said that all the opinion polls show that the absolute majority of the Iranian nation sully trusts the nuclear negotiation team, the Government of Prudence and Hope, and the esteemed president himself.

'It is better for the worried minority in the parliament and their affiliated media to harmonize themselves with the will and demand of the majority of people and to harmonize with them,' said Ansarian.

Ansari said that the Supreme Leader has from the very beginning had full supervision, way-opening and ensuring guidance, and the nation's offspring in the negotiations will beyond doubt in the framework of the system's policies keeping in mind the national interests and any final agreement will definitely be in accordance with the roadmap designed by the Supreme Leader.

The vice president for parliamentary affairs at the end appreciated the support of the Parliament majority, especially the Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani for the negotiating team and their hard work on behalf of the Iranian nation.