Apr 15, 2015, 4:09 PM
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Rouhani:  Final nuclear deal depends on termination of sanctions

Rasht, April 15, IRNA – President Hassan Rouhani said on Wednesday that all should bear in minds that the final nuclear deal depends on termination of all economic sanctions.

Speaking to thousands of enthusiastic people in Rasht, capital of the nothern Gilan province, he said 'It is none of our business to heed to the current disputes at US Senate and their mercenaries as Iran expects good-will and respect in return.'

'We explicitly declare that we are not dealing with the US Senate and Congress but we are now negotiating with G5+1,' he said.

The agenda of talks with G5+1 in next week will focus on lifting of unfair and inhuman economic sanctions imposed on Iran, he said.

G5+1, the US Senate and Congress, US president and all should keep in their minds that there will be no deal if all sanctions are not lifted, he said.

'I would like to address the other sides and powers in G5+1 that Iran seeks a dignified deal,' he said.

Iran has taken proper steps in nuclear talks, he said, adding that in the year designated as 'Year of Harmony and Unanimity', the Supreme Leader and all people from all walks of life call for a dignified deal and constructive interactions with the world.

The Iranian people believe that this is the era of moderation because the days of extremism are numbered and all are unanimous in having constructive interactions with the world, said President Rouhani.

He advised the G5+1 to respect the Iranian nation and fully observe their legitimate rights.

'Current disputes between US Senates and their mercenaries have nothing to do with us,' President Rouhani said, adding that the Iranian nation calls for interaction, good will and respect.

End of nuclear negotiations and signing of a final deal should be simultaneous with lifting of economic sanctions and all should know that the Iranian people are determined to continue their path and attain victory, he said.

The Iranian nation will be the winner of nuclear negotiations as in the Islamic Revolution was during the sacred defense , he said.

The current nuclear negotiations will benefit the western society, region and the Iranian nation, he said.

'You think that the Iranian nation only calls for lifting of economic sanctions but the fact is that your companies are much eager for this as all European, American and Asian companies are waiting for signing of a final deal,' he underlined.

World powers have reached the conclusion that the firm and powerful government of Iran cannot be toppled under any circumstances, the president said.