Apr 12, 2015, 11:28 AM
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Common ground for Iran-US final nuclear deal, Ex-Iranian diplomat

Tehran, April 12, IRNA – A former Iranian nuclear negotiator believes that Iran and US can reach a final nuclear deal as they share a lot in common.

Speaking exclusively in an interview with the US National Public Radio on April 10, Hossein Mousavian said he believes that Tehran and Washington are “in the same boat.”

Referring to what the two capitals have in common, the former nuclear negotiator of Iran and a current research scholar at Princeton University, said “…fighting ISIS. The healthy transport of energy, export of an energy from the region, this is really the common interest for - to industrial countries, including the U.S., and for Iran. We have a lot of common interests. Therefore, we can cooperate on what we believe this is the same threat and we have no difference, like ISIS al-Qaida. And we can negotiate about the other parts.”

Commenting on Iran’s commitment to the principles agreed in the Swiss Statement which was issued at the end of Iran-Group 5+1 nuclear talks in Switzerland on April 2, Mousavian said that Tehran would continue with those principles.

“If the principles agreed in Lausanne, April 2, 2015, if the P5+1, the world powers, would be committed to those principles, Iranians would never walk out.

“I mean forever, Iran would be among the most transparent nations on the nuclear program. Even after the period of limits are removed, like 10, 15, 20 years, if there is the highest level of verification system, there should be no worry.

“They agreed in Joint Plan of Action 2013 that Iran would be entitled to have enrichment for its practical needs. All ambiguities are removed. Highest level of verification is in force, and Iran only would have its fuel for the real practical domestic needs.”

Mousavian added, 'Whenever the West pushes more, sanctions more, threatens more, Iranian domestic situation becomes more radical. Whenever the West is more flexible, more friendly, Iranian domestic situation become more moderate. I have explained many, many, many evidences, documents, events and history of 35 years. This is the principle. It really depends to the West.”

The scholar stressed that nuclear talks have already “reached to a no-return point.”