Apr 7, 2015, 5:51 PM
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IRGC commander supports Iran nuclear negotiating team

Tehran, April 7, IRNA – Commander of Islamic Revolution Guards Corps Brigadier General Mohammad-Ali Jafari on Tuesday voiced support for the Iranian nuclear negotiating team, appreciating efforts made by the negotiators.

Speaking on the sidelines of a gathering of IRGC commanders, Jafari said that resistance of the Iranian nation neutralized powerful options of the United States for imposing their political resolve on the Islamic Republic of Iran.

'The US that was seeking to change Iran's political behavior, was forced to change its own political behavior and had to put aside all its options on the table despite its previous approach (to Iran's nuclear program) and chose diplomacy for solving Iran nuclear case,' Jafari said.

The Iranian people's resistance made the US president admit that military option and continuation of sanctions have made Iran stronger and more determined, the commander said.

Jafari noted that Iranian negotiators have well defended the country's rights so far, adding that the Iranian nation and IRGC appreciates efforts made by the negotiators and their insistence on the country's redlines.

Jafari underlined the insincerity of the Americans. However, he noted that as mentioned by the president, the foreign minister and senior members of the negotiating team, Iran wants right to nuclear enrichment, research and development and lifting of all sanctions on the country as a central demand.

He called on the Foreign Ministry to make use of all its capacity in the remaining time to defend the dignity of the Islamic Republic of Iran and secure the lifting of sanctions simultaneous with clinching a comprehensive deal with the P5+1.