Mar 30, 2015, 12:05 PM
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Iran main component of regional equations: Lebanese politician

Beirut, March 30, IRNA – A leading Lebanese politician referred to Iran as the main component of any political equation in the region.

Talking to IRNA on Monday, Leader of the Druze Lebanese Democratic Party Talal Arslan stressed that Iran’s wise policies have turned it into the main component of new power equations in the region.

He also underscored that the animosity being practiced by the Saudi-Zionist circles against the resistance wave and their various plots including the recent military aggression against Yemen are certainly doomed to failure.

He noted that the US-Zionists-Saudi triangle started using certain Arab countries in the region to hatch plots against the resistance movement since 15 years ago and said their schemes have entered new stages recently.

He said the Zionist regime had been “ruling” the whole region by now had it not been for the efforts of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The Lebanese politician further underscored the important, effective and growing role of Iran in regional and international developments and said this in itself was a major reason for the animosity of American and Zionist forces against Iran.

He also said Iran’s policies have led to emergence of a new balance in the Middle East.

He also believed that the Zionist regime and its regional and international allies were especially concerned about a nuclear deal between Iran and the 5+1 exactly because of Iran’s constructive and growing role in the region.

Arslan said he was “optimistic about the future of region and the resistance movement in particular” and added, “We will be the victorious ones and the plots hatched by Israel and the west to confront the resistance movement which are underway now by assistance of some Arab countries will certainly fail.”

“Just the same way that they met defeat in Syria and Iraq, they will fail in Yemen as well with the Yemeni nation's will embracing victory.”

Arslan went on to voice his opinion that Israel had become the “Lord” in the region and turned Arab and Muslim countries into a mere “zero” if Iran and resistance movement had not confronted it.

He said the new equilibrium created by Iran based on realistic policies has driven Israel and its Arab allies insane, making them to adopt policies which lack balance and symmetry.

The Lebanese politician also noted that big powers including the US were forced into breath-taking negotiations with Iran on its nuclear program after the whole bunch of failures after seeing Iran’s rational plans and logical behaviors.

Turning to Lebanon’s domestic developments, he stressed that resistance groups in the country would embark on confronting Tekfiri terrorists once needed to stop their penetrations into Lebanese cities and towns.

As for any Israeli’s military operations against Lebanon in future, he said Israel is well aware that it will have to endure great loss and heavy consequences if it decides on a new adventurist plan.