Interim Friday prayers leader says Iranians are winner in nuclear talks

Tehran, March 13, IRNA – Substitute Friday prayers leader of Tehran, Ayatollah Seyed Ahmad Khatami, said in Tehran on Friday that Iranian nation is the winner of the nuclear talks, that will resume on Sunday.

Delivering his second Friday prayes sermon in Tehran University campus, Ayatollah Khatami said those betraying the Islamic establishment in the political re-echoed Supreme Leader of Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Khamenei's Thursday speech to the Experts Assembly members in support for the Iranian nuclear negotiation team and said His Eminence had confirmed qualification of the negotiation team members, calling them 'trusted.' He further quoted the Surpeme Leader as expressing concern over the talks since the Iranian negotiators do not face a group of people on which they can count; rather they deal with those who are deceitful and cunning.

'If they win, they will not recognize any principle or treaty. Just yesterday, (the US President Barack) Obama once again extended the 20-year (anti-Iran) sanctions; they (westerners) do not stick to any political ethics at all; we do not know what the prospect of the nuclear talks is.'

The Ayatollah said, 'The great Iranian nation is the victorious. In the about-one-year-and-so talks, you Iranian people showed the cunning and traitor image of the US to the world. Unfortunately, certain people inside the country magnify the US image, showing it a peace lover; but you people showed that it's not true; they are those with the 'iron-cast' hands, covered with the velvet (A wolf in sheep's clothing) . Throughout this year it has become clear that the US statesmen are mischievous in nature.'

The point is that the talks, taking almost one year and so, once again proved the statement of the late leader of the Islamic Revolution Imam Khomeini early in the beginning of the revolution that the US is the big Satan.

'The world came to know that the US opposes the basics of the identity of our Islamic establishment not pleased with the Islamic system; however, you great nation proved that you are a nation not getting tired; however, under God's mercy you will make the enemy tired.'

Pointing to Iraq, Ayatollah Khatami said Iran supports Iraq's territorial integrity, officially recognizing the international borders.

Referring to Iraqi army's victories, the Ayatollah said, 'We congratulate Iraqi popular forces and army, that have had good advancements in Salahuddin province. We pray to God Almighty to grant patience and joy to the dear ones to be successful in uprooting Daesh in Iraq, being assured that God will help them.'

The world does know that Islamic Iran has a government that stepped on the scene of campaign against terrorists at a time when the arrogant powers did not afford the least help to Iraq, said Ayatollah Khatami.

'Islamic Iran supports Iraq's territorial integrity; Iran assistance aims to make enemies fail in Iraq disintegration; we not only officially recognize Iraqi borders but also international borders; We consider only one regime as forged and usurpor and that's Israel's Zionist establishment.'

He concluded, 'Our Iraqi brothers should know that we are with them in building a prosperous Iraq, i.e. an Iraq that would remain resistant against all plots.'