Feb 22, 2015, 9:01 PM
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Afkham: Arming terrorists in Syria repeating past mistakes

Tehran, Feb 22, IRNA – Foreign Ministry spokeswoman said on Sunday arming terrorists in Syria is breaching international laws and repeating of past strategic mistakes that led to shape-taking of Daesh, Al Nusra and other terrorist groups.

Afkham said that some countries make instrumental usage of terrorism under such conditions that the terrorist groups have posed a serious threat against the regional and world peace and security.

'Insistence of the United States and some other countries in continuing that wrong policy and continuing a strategic mistake has no outcome, but further destroying of regional nations' homes and getting killed of more innocent people,' added Afkham.

She said that the UN silence about this move of the United Sates and some regional counties is in direct contrast against the UN moves aimed at stopping the armed clashed in Aleppo.

The Foreign Ministry spokeswoman said that the simplest way to fight against terrorism in Syria is that the US and its allies will at least abide by the UN Security Council resolutions, especially the recently passed 2199 Resolution, aimed at blocking the path for financial and logistical support for terrorism and ending provision of arms and munitions for armed groups in Syria.