14 January 2015 - 16:12
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18 terrorists in southern Iran say they get money for operations

Zahedan, Sistan-Baluchestan Prov. Jan 14, IRNA – Some 18 terrorists under arrest in the southern parts of province admitted that they received money for every operation, Commander of Sistan-Baluchestan province police said on Wednesday.

'Destroying the major terrorism band became possible following three months of round-the-clock activities in a well-harmonized operation launched by the police forces, intelligence officers, judiciary officials and the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps' Qods Force,' said Colonel Hossein Rahimi.

He said that following the increased number of sabotage operations in the southern parts of Sistan-Baluchestan province which exceeded the normal limits, decision on launching more precise investigations was made at the Provincial Security Council.

Colonel Rahimi said that the terrorist band's last operation was launched 4 months ago, in which four police officers who had gone in a vehicle to deliver judiciary letters to the villagers got caught in their ambush, they fortunately managed to escape after receiving serious injuries.

'In less than 24 hours after that incident, two armed saboteurs with three weapons were arrested and their two vehicles and motorcycles were confiscated,' he added.

He said that those two terrorists after 20 days confessed they were members of a terrorist band involved in various operations against the people and the police forces, based on which other members of the band were arrested.

The commander said that according to the confessions made by the terrorists under arrest, the cash amounts were deposited by one of them who was active in two Arab countries in the account of another one of the in the province, and then each of the gang members received for every operation.

He said that the band was established in the year 2009, aimed at disturbing the security situation in the province.

Colonel Rahimi said that the band members' operations including opening machinegun fire on units of police forces, or shooting inside the cities, aimed at propaganda feedback for the western media that the province was unsafe.

He said that the crimes perpetrated by the terrorists under arrest included martyring many teachers, aimed at forcing the remaining teachers to migrate from the province, martyring the Sunni Friday prayers Imam of Rask, Moulavi Mostafa Jangizehi and his companion, and martyring many soldiers and ordinary people across the province, as they were commissioned to turn the province into a no-man's land.

The commander said that one of the terrorists under arrest confessed that the gang member terrorists were getting one to three months of training on the other side of the borders either in Afghanistan or Pakistan.