Jan 11, 2015, 1:45 PM
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Iran possesses 7000 recognized historical sites

Khorramabad, Lorestan Prov., Jan 11, IRNA – Head of the Cultural Heritage Organization Masoud Soltanifar said at present there are 7000 recognized historical identities and monuments in the country.

Speaking at a local session here, the official said Lorestan by enjoying outstanding cultural, historical, natural and religious attractions can be turned into one of the major provinces for domestic and foreign tourism.

Emphasizing on the outstanding role of tourism in the economy, Soltanifar said tourism industry has high value-added and this is at a time when Iran’s economy is in recession due to some mismanagements in the past.

The vice-president noted that the government is making efforts to bring the economic condition of the country out of negative growth rate and turn it into positive rate.

He said there are great religious, cultural and historical attractions in Iran of which black tribal tents can be cited which have a great tourism capacity for Lorestan Province and is highly welcomed by foreign tourists.

Pointing to the development of rural tourism the official said in some villages throughout the country there are proper tourism attractions which can provide a good opportunity for attracting foreign tourists.

He said when tourism revenue is generated out of waterless desert how this cannot be expected from the evergreen Lorestan Province.

Soltanifar put the total volume of tourism revenue in the world at $1,250 billion and said $25 billion went to Iran in the past year which is meager considering the historical identity of Iran.

He said out of the 7000 definite historical sites in the country 5000 are in Lorestan of which 2500 have been registered.

He further remarked that in the next 11 years 20 million tourists should visit the country and make $30 billion revenue.

He stressed that through the required planning Lorestan should be turned into a touristic province in the country.