Khatami: Zionists put on display ugliest façade of state terrorism

Tehran, July 24, IRNA – Former President Mohammad Khatami said that in its ongoing Gaza invasion Zionist regime has put on display the ugliest façade of state-sponsored terrorism, asking Iranians of all walks of life to participate in International Qods Day rallies.

Khatami who was speaking for a group of current and previous officials of the country said that the Israeli regime whose foundation was set based on usurping the others' lands, occupation, and harsh suppressing of civilian folks has nowadays got engaged in an unprecedented criminal act against the fasting Muslims of Gaza putting on display the ugliest face of sate sponsored terrorism.

'The brave resistance of the oppressed and suffering Palestinians against these bestial criminal acts has created a glorious epic, as it has always been,' said Khatami.

He praised Gaza martyrs, resistant war disabled, women, and men of Gaza, and prayed to God for their victory, while cursing those who create such horrendous crimes not only against them, but also against the entire humanity, and condemned their shameless supporters.

'The noble Iranian nation, following the guidance of their late leader Imam Khomeini (P) that always reiterated the great peril of the Zionist regime to the Muslims and stressed the need for Islamic unity, solidarity and resistance for encountering that threat has always remained by the side of the oppressed and brave Palestinian nation,' reiterated Khatami.

He also stressed that by grace of God, the Iranian nation will also safeguard Imam Khomeini's precious heritage, the International Qods Day, and condemn the Zionists' atrocities along with the whole world's other noble nations on the last Friday of this fasting month of Ramadan.

More than 650 Palestinians have been killed as well as 29 Israeli soldiers and two civilians as two weeks of airstrikes and rocket attacks were followed by an Israeli ground offensive inside Gaza.