Jul 24, 2014, 7:12 AM
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US commitments in Vienna 6 Agreement

Tehran, July 24, IRNA – At the end of Vienna 6 nuclear talks a document was published based on which the Geneva Agreement was extended for 4 months, during which the US agreed to release another 2.8 billion dollars of Iran's blocked assets and lift insurance sanctions.

Towards the end of the Vienna 6 nuclear negations between Iran and the Sextet when it was made clear that within the period till July 20 deadline for the Geneva Plan of Action (GPA) the so-called comprehensive agreement between the two sides could not be signed the Islamic Republic of Iran and the six world powers decided to implement the second stage of the GPA within a new four month extension period.

The new 'non-paper' document was achieved following many rounds of intensive, tough talks in one page and it was stressed that it was unofficial. The two sides have in this new document agreed on the method of continuing the negotiations and on continuing implementing the GPA.

The United States that had initially accepted the commitment to release 4.2 billion dollars of Iran's blocked monetary assts in return for Iran's annihilation of its stockpile of 20% enriched uranium and oxidation of its rest, will this time release another 2.8 billion dollars within this new four month period.

This amount will be released in four $500 million and two $400 million installments within an almost once every three weeks period as follows:

First installment: $500 million on August, 1, 2014

Second installment: $500 million on August, 25, 2014

Third installment: $400 million on September, 17, 2014

Fourth installment: $500 million on October, 10, 2014

Fifth installment: $500 million on November, 3, 2014

Sixth installment: $400 million on November, 23, 2014

The United States has in this 'descriptive document' also agreed to make possible on time payment of these installments so that the occurrence of difficulties and delayed that took place in case of the payments within the first six months will not happen again.

In addition, both the European countries and the United States have agreed to effectively lift the insurance sanctions and to consider conditions that since the new four month extension is a short period, if the insurance companies will be urge to pay compensations after the expiry of that period those payments will be made properly even after the end of those four months.

This commitment on the part of the US insurance companies will provide greater assurance in case of the insurances for the oil ocean liners that carry Iranian oil to various destinations.

In this new descriptive document the Islamic Republic of Iran, too, has announced that it will continue its pre-scheduled plan for provision of fuel for the Tehran Research Reactor (TRR) and precisely speaking turn 25 kilograms of its 25% uranium oxide into fuel plates to be used in the TTR.

Iran will also according to the previous program, turn the 2% residues of its incomplete enrichment processes into hexafluoride of natural uranium to be prepared for the re-enrichment process.

Two clear ambiguities in implementation of the GPA regarding providing access for the IAEA inspectors to the workshops where Iran's nuclear facilities' spare parts and new generations of centrifuges are manufactured will be made possible in a way that no new commitment for the Islamic Republic beyond the GPA, or the NPT will be accepted.