S. Leader: Criminal acts in Gaza, reality of wolfish, child-killer Zionist regime

Tehran, July 24, IRNA – Criminal acts of wolfish, child-killer Zionist regime in Gaza have revealed its true nature and only way to solve this problem is its full annihilation and destruction, said Supreme Leader of Islamic Revolution on Wednesday.

'These crimes, which are beyond imagination, reveal the real nature of the wolfish, child-killer Zionist regime and the only way to solve that problem is the full annihilation and destruction (of that regime), but till then the only way to encounter that wild regime is the resolute armed resistance of the Palestinians and its expansion to the West Bank,' said Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamene'ie in a 150 minute meeting with some 1,000 university students.

His Eminence meanwhile stressed that the shameless defense of the United States in particular, and the entire West in general, for the criminal acts of the Zionist regime should as an important experience affect our cognition, our viewpoint, and our type of approach towards the West.

'We should realize that the truth and reality of the United States is manifested in this approach, and the Iranian nation, too, will show on the (International) Qods (Jerusalem) Day with its huge and roaring demonstrations that they are the supporters of the oppressed and the enemies of the oppressors,' added Ayatollah Khamene'ie.

The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution referred to the intolerable hardships that the Gaza residents are experiencing, arguing that these events are, but a sample of the 'open aggression and iron fist' policy that that 'illegitimate and forged regime' has been implementing throughout its 66-year life many, many times with great pride and quite arrogantly.

'As Imam Khomeini used to say, Israel must be annihilated, but of course the annihilation of Israel, as a true way to resolve the problem, does not mean that the Jews in the region should be evacuated, as for conducting this logical approach there is a practical way that the Islamic Republic has proposed to the international society,' he added.

His Eminence said that in accordance with this proposal, which is a favorable method for the world nations, the people who live there and comprise the true natives of that land should in a referendum announce the preferred political system that they wish to rule there and this way the usurper, forged regime will be practically be annihilated.

'Of course till the time will come that this cruel murderer regime will by God's grace and assistance be annihilated, mighty encounter with it and resolute and armed resistance will be the only way to face that destroyer regime,' added the ayatollah.

His Eminence reiterated that it would be wrong for anyone to assume that if the Gaza missiles would not have existed the Zionist regime would have come to terms with the Palestinians.

'That is because even in the West Bank where the people's only weapon is little stones that regime both kills and belittles the people there,' he added.

The Supreme Leader reminded the audience of having been belittled initially and poisoned by the Zionists after that of the late Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, saying, 'The occupiers do not even take it easy with those who compromise with them and only in case that the Palestinians will encounter them mightily they might retreat.'

Ayatollah Khamene'ie referred to the ongoing efforts made by the Zionists and their supporters for brokering a ceasefire, saying, 'A regime that commits crimes beyond the limits of imagination and the human thoughts, encountered with the mighty resistance of the Palestinians has become desperate and is seeking a way out of its self-made problem, which proves that the only language that the Zionists comprehend is the language of force.'

He said that based on such realities, 'we believe the West Bank, too, should be armed just like Gaza and those who are interested in the fate of the Palestinians must work in this respect so that the pains and miseries of the Palestinian people will be decreased due to their mighty hands and the weakness of the Zionist enemy.'

His Eminence said that political support for the people of Gaza is the duty of the entire Muslim and non-Muslim nations alike.

Referring to the worldwide demonstrations of the different nations against the conduct of the wild Israeli regime Ayatollah Khamene'ie expressed hope that on the International Qods Day the grand Iranian nation, too, will roar in support of the oppressed Palestinian nation.

Ayatollah Khamene'ie also referred to a motto chanted by the protesters in Iran after the 2009 presidential elections which said, 'Neither Gaza, Nor Lebanon, I Sacrifice My Life Only for Iran', adding, 'a group of people intended to present a distorted image of the reality of the Iranian nation's mentality, but the people did not permit them to do so, and on this upcoming Friday, too, they will once again show that they are the supporters of the oppressed and the enemies of the oppressors.'

Criticizing the shameless support of the arrogant world powers, led by the United States for the human catastrophe created by the Zionists, which is truly unjustifiable, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution added, 'The Gaza events are sad and depressing, but more important than that is taking a deep look at the hegemonic powers behavior in this adventure and analyzing it.'

'A number of western governments, especially the notorious United States and Britain, openly support the criminal acts that are not acceptable even for any ordinary human being, and the US President encountered with this brutal child-killing, destruction, and torture, resorts to a ridiculous logic and suffices in saying that Israel has the right to self-defense,' he said.

'But why do the Palestinians not have the right to defend their own security and their own homes and family members?' asked the Supreme Leader.

Ayatollah Khamene'ie said that the arrogant powers' leaders do not realize the fact that by supporting the notorious and destroyer Zionists they actually spoil their own prestige and that of their counties before the world nations and that the history will have a harsh judgment about their being accomplices in creation of these cruel crimes against humanity.

'Supporting the criminal acts of the Zionists has roots in the liberal democracy and in a kind of logic in which there is no trace of the ethical values and no feeling for the human pains and sorrows,' said the leader.

** Reality of the United States and the West

His Eminence emphasized that this support for the Zionists' criminal acts reflects the reality of the United States that challenges the Islamic Republic in various fields.

'We should therefore acquire a better understanding about the United States through this incidence and this understanding is a great experience for us in regulating our viewpoints, and our behaviors towards the United States, for our nation, for our university students, and for all of us, it should serve as a norm,' added the leader.

'The behavior of the hegemonic powers is judged by the injustice observed against the oppressed Gaza residents. It is thus proved that they absolutely do not believe in the need to observe the human rights and whatever they say about the human rights is ridiculing both the liberties and the human rights,' reiterated the Supreme Leader.

Ayatollah Khamene'ie emphasized that he is not advising the US officials how to behave, but saying these things for internal purpose so that our own officials would know how to judge, how to analyze, and how to behave when they are faced with some individuals.

'The anti-American and anti-western mottoes that are heard in the country are aimed at the reality of the existence of the United States, but some people wrongly assume that these mottoes are illogical, bigot behavior,' added the leader.

The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution added that the anti-American, anti-western approach in Iran is a rational attitude based on authentic experience and proper calculation.

Ayatollah Khamene'ie referred to his comments in his recent meeting with the system officials, adding, 'I I said there, the main objective of the enemy is to disturb our calculation system, because if we will miscalculate even relaying on correct data we will gain wrong output and our experience, too, will do us no good.'

Ayatollah Khamene'ie then listed some of the experiences of the Iranian nation about the western behavior during the past decades including bringing to power the Pahlavi Dynasty, occupation of Iran during the World War II, looting the nation's oil income, staging a coup against Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddeq, and supporting the last Iranian monarch's dictatorship and resisting against the victory of the Islamic Revolution, encouraging the ousted Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussain to wage a devastating war against Iran and dozens of other mischievous and antagonist acts that have all in all led to gaining a precious and deep-rooted experience about the real nature of the real nature of the Americans for the Iranian nation.

'But the Americophile intellectuals, since their calculation systems have been distorted, gain incorrect results even from these bitter experiences,' said the leader.

His Eminence said that revival of sound rationality was one of the major services rendered by the Islamic Revolution to the Iranian nation, adding, 'Despite the nation's will, there are certain hands at work that intend to permit the same pro-western tendencies take the helm of the country's affairs once again, and we need to resist against that tendency, and this resistance is quite rational and logical.'