Attacks on Gaza provokes Indian Pol Parties, threaten to occupy Israeli consulate: Report

New Delhi, July 22, IRNA – As Israeli aggression on Gaza continued for last 15 days taking death toll to 604 Palestinians, including women, children and elderly, 5 Indian political parties threatened to occupy Israeli consulate in Mumbai Friday to their support for Palestinians.

'We have decided to occupy the Israeli consulate on Friday to show our support for the Palestinian people. We urge the people of the country to boycott all Israeli products to financially weaken them,' Samajwadi Party's Maharashtra unit chief and MLA Abu Azmi told reporters in Mumbai, the PTI reported.

The decision was taken in a meeting attended by the representatives from Samajwadi Party (SP), Communist Party of India (CPI), Communist Party of India (Marxist) (CPI-M), Janata Dal (S) and Bharip Bahujan Mahasangh (BBM).

Azmi said the UN Security Council had failed to take effective steps to end the conflict which has resulted in a huge civilian casualties.

'I don't understand why the UN Security Council exists in the first place if it cannot stop this violence. When Saddam Hussain killed a smaller number of people in Iraq, saw what they did to him. Here civilians, hospitals and universities are being destroyed (by the Israeli forces) but the UN has taken no firm steps to stop violence,' he said.

He criticized the NDA government for stalling the adoption of a resolution by the Rajya Sabha condemning Israel's assault on Hamas-ruled Gaza strip and said it could result in 'severe economic loss' for India.

'The present day government is communal. Whenever there is a chance to stand up for Muslims, it opposes any move that could benefit the community. Here too they want to stay away and not interfere. If they show their communal face to the world, we can face a severe economic loss as India has friendly relations with many Muslim countries,' he said.

Azmi said even if India is on friendly terms with both countries, a firm stand should be taken for what is right.

Maintaining that it does not want to take sides in the conflict, the government had yesterday called for talks to end it but forestalled a resolution in the Rajya Sabha as demanded by the opposition.

Meanwhile, yesterday, opposition parties condemned the violence in Gaza and pressed for adoption of a resolution by the Rajya Sabha against it besides demanding suspension of all military purchases from Israel as the House took up a discussion over the matter ending a week-long deadlock.

The House, which was paralysed over the issue last week, also saw demands from members for India raising its concern over the Israel attack on Gaza strip at the United Nations.

Initiating a discussion on the 'Unprecedented spurt in violence in Gaza and West Bank area of Palestine causing death of scores of civilians', Leader of Opposition Ghulam Nabi Azad slammed the government over the delay in discussing the issue questioning whether it has made any change in the country's foreign policy towards Palestine.

Accusing the government of acting as a 'spectator' to the ongoing 'massacre' in Palestine, Azad said 'I request the Indian government, the Opposition, the House and 124 crore people of the country to rise to the occassion on humanitarian grounds. A resolutiion should be passed... the use of force must stop... prevent further loss of life and property in Palestine.

'A united appeal must be made. Government must realize India's stature and walk the talk. Entire House should condemn the attack and pass a resolution.'

Striking an allegory of the Mahabharata, Azad rued that powerful countries of the world are just witnessing the happenings in Gaza like 'Dhritrashtra', the blind king, while a war is going on for last 15 days in which innocent women and children are being killed.

Noting that India's policy has always been to support the Palestine cause, he said at a time when the country is emerging as a democratic and economic power in the world, 'India is sitting as mere spectator and it took us seven days to think whether we should even discuss it or not.'

Condemnding the 'genocide' in Palestine by Israeli forces, Sitaram Yechury (CPI-M) demanded 'immediate suspension of all military purchases from Israel'.

Meanwhile, the CPI (M) has announced to organize protest demonstrations across Kerala state on July 24 against Israel’s assault on Gaza.

A CPI (M) state secretariat statement, issued in Thiruvananthapuram, the capital city of Kerala state, on Wednesday called upon 'all peace-loving people' to participate in the demonstrations to be held from 16:00 hours to 18:00 hours IST (Indian Standard Time) on July 24 evening.

It criticized the NDA Government for opposing the Left's demand for a parliamentary resolution condemning Israel's continued assault on Gaza, which it said went against the 'declared stand of India on Palestine.

As there is no sign of let-up in Israel's bloodiest attacks on Gaza, since launched on July 8, the Indian people, regardless of their race, religion or sect, in large numbers have been turning up across several towns and cities across India to protest against the Israeli attacks on Gaza.