Jul 20, 2014, 2:12 AM
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Israeli attack on Gaza provokes continued protest across India

New Delhi, July 20, IRNA – As there is no signs of let-up in Israeli bloodiest attacks on Gaza, people in large number have been turning up across several towns and cities across India to protest against the Israeli attack on Gaza.

While condemning the attack on innocent civilians, protesters have expressed their solidarity with Palestinians.

On Friday afternoon, hundreds of people gathered once again outside the Israeli Embassy and protested against the attack. Friday protest was jointly called by several Muslim organizations.

The Israeli Embassy has been put under tight security cover as protests over Gaza attacks continued.

A candle March was organized in Lucknow in solidarity with the innocent civilians killed in Iraq and Palestine under the leadership of Shia cleric Moulana Kalbe Jawad, tcn reported. Hundreds of protesters gathered at Maqbara saadat Ali Khan and marched up to GPO Park, Lucknow. They also pledged to boycott Israeli products of known big brands like Coca Cola, McDonalds, Maggi, Nestle, Johnson and Johnson, etc.

Students of Aligarh Muslim University and Resident Doctor’s Association, JNMC AMU also staged a protest. Thousands of the people marched from Jamia Masjid, Sir Syed Hall AMU to Bab-e-Syed in the Campus to condemn the massacre of the innocent civilians in Palestine.

They also sent memorandum to President of India, Pranab Mukherjee urging condemnation of the Israeli attack and shiver ties with them.

A massive protest was also held in fron of Twon Hall in Bangalore, adding voice to a growing number of protests around the world against Israel's aggressive military offensive on Gaza, Palestine.

On Friday protests were also organized at Jaipur, Malerkota and Chandigarh in Punjab, Mumbai, Aurangabad, Mumbra, Malegaon, and several other parts of Maharashtra, Kolkata, Hyderabad, several parts Kerala, Chennai, etc.

Protesters have also been questioning India’s shift in policy and criticized the government for failing to out-rightly condemn the attack on innocent civilians.

Yielding to Opposition demand, Government of India agreed for a discussion in the Rajya Sabha (Upper House of Indian Parliament) on Gaza situation on Monday, July 21.

Earlier, the issue echoed for last three days consecutively in the House which saw a deadlock as the opposition persisted with its demand for an early debate while the government resisted strongly, arguing that any discourteous remark could affect Indiaˈs relations with Israel and Palestine.

Malappuram MP E. Ahamed raised the issue of aggression in Gaza, Palestine during Zero Hour in the Lok Sabha on Tuesday and urged the Lower House to condemn the attack by Israel.

“Innocent people are being butchered. They are being mercilessly killed. Women and children are being mercilessly killed. What is going on is a flagrant violation of international human rights. Nobody is speaking about this. Unfortunately, all these big powers have been playing hide and seek to avoid this serious human rights issue,” he said, adding, “ India has a responsibility. India has always been standing behind the Palestinian people. India has traditionally been supporting the Palestinian people. Right from the time of Mahatma Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru, we have been supporting the Palestinian people. This human rights violation should be stopped.”

The highly condemnable Israeli onslaught on innocent Palestinians in Gaza, since launched on July 8, have killed more than 300 Palestinians so far, including women and children. While nearing 2000 have also been wouned. According to UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees(UNRWA), about 50,000 Palestinians are staying in UN shelters.