Jul 18, 2014, 12:36 PM
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New Iraqi P. Speaker to visit Tehran in days

Tehran, July 18, IRNA – Newly elected Iraqi Parliament Speaker Salim al-Juburi will arrive in Tehran on Tuesday to participate as an observing member of the Islamic Inter-Parliamentary Union (IIPU) Troika to survey the Gaza crisis.

The IIPU Troika, comprised of the Parliament Speakers of Iran, Sudan and Somalia will be held in Tehran on Tuesday, July 22, on invitations extended by the Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani, while the Parliament Speakers of Pakistan, Syria, Palestine and Iraq, too, will attend the meeting as observing members.

Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani in separate phone calls to two Palestinian leaders voiced Iranian nation's full support for their oppressed nation's righteous struggle for the liberation of their homeland.

In his phone calls to the Secretary General of the Palestinian Islamic Movement Ramadan Abdullah and Head of the Hamas Political Office Khalid Mashaal, Larijani also stressed the need for setting aside of all differences of opinion among the Islamic countries and their solid support for the Palestinian nation.

Larijani also exchanged viewpoints with the two Palestinian about the latest status in Gaza and the Palestinian nation.

'Beyond doubt, the Palestinian nation will emerge victorious from this Jihadi resistance and play a decisive role in deciding the future of the region,' said Larijani, referring to the brutal invasion of the occupier regime of the Holy Qods against the Gaza civilians.

Larijani said that the countries that had been thus far rejecting the resistance initiative as the only way to liberate Palestine from the Zionists' occupation gained a proper understanding about the power of resistance in the course of this war.

'Although the Zionist regime acted quite beastly in these invasions, but due to its miscalculations about the nature of the resistance forces and their steadfastness it faced a severe defeat,' he said.

The Islamic Parliament Speaker said that by ending the disputes among themselves the Islamic countries should under the prevailing conditions unanimously support the oppressed resistance of the Palestinian nation.

He reiterated that the great Iranian nation has under every possible condition remained a supporter of the oppressed Palestinian nation's righteous liberation struggle.

Ramadan Abdullah in his phone talk with the Iranian Parliament Speaker stressed the power of resistance in the campaign against the Zionist regime, emphasizing, 'The Palestinian people will emerge victorious from this war with the Zionist regime and feel the results of the resistance and its fruits.'

He appreciated the supports of the Islamic Republic of Iran for the oppressed Palestinian nation, arguing, 'The unconditional and unlimited support of the Islamic Republic of Iran for the resistance of the Palestinian nation, and particularly the resistance forces has played a decisive role in their liberation movement.'

'This movement will in very near future lead to the victory of the Palestinian nation and the regional countries should support the Palestinian nation with their support for this righteous struggled for the liberation of their occupied territories,' he ensured Larijnai.

He added that the resistance forces, including the Islamic Jihad of Palestine, Hamas Islamic movement, and the other combatant forces are fully united and cooperating with one another in their brave confrontation with the all encompassing and inhumane invasion of the Zionist enemy, and they will, God willing emerge victorious from this war.

Khalid Mashaal, too, said in his phone talk with Larijani that it is high time for the Islamic countries to set aside their disputes and take sides with the Palestinian people, especially the Gaza residents in this blood-stained campaign for liberty and liberation of their motherland.