Israel engaged in “flagrant violation of human rights”: Jinan Asghar

New Delhi, July 18, IRNA – Strongly condemning the Israeli aggression in Gaza, which has claimed, till today, more than 200 innocent lives, an Indian Religious scholar Thursday said: “Israel is engaged in flagrant violation of human rights”.

In an exclusive interview with IRNA, Maulana Jinan Asghar Moulai, Secretary of Shaheed Mottahhari Society in Delhi said: “The attacks on innocent Palestinians, including women and children, by Israeli Regime is a part of a policy of ethnic cleansing. It is using excuses to ethnically cleanse Palestine, without fearing for international laws”.

He said that the whole series of horrific Israeli aggression on innocent Palestinians, including women and children, since 1967, are war crimes under international law and gross violation of international human rights norms. “But, the main dilemma is that the world body and international community (was, is, and will be) ‘silently’ watching these onslaughts. Resulting in, Israeli Regime is encouraged to butchered the innocent Palestinians,” noted Jinan.

The Indian scholar further noted that their silence on the atrocities being commited by Israel have not only diminished their credibility but have witnessed their firm tilt towards Israel. “This proves that they are standing on the part of aggressor,” he added.

Maintaining that the solution is hidden in the reform of the UNSC, Jinan Asghar, while appreciating the widespread expressions of outrage against Israeli aggression around the globe, stressed that only condemnation will not be worth. To stop the menace, the member countries must exert pressure on the UN to, instead avoiding, abide by the responsibilities.

He also slammed the Arab world over their criminal silence and asked them to respond the pain inflicted by the Israeli Regime on innocent Palestinians. “Rise to prevent Israel achieving its goal in Palestine. To impose strict boycott of Israel until it stops aggression and withdraws from occupied territories,” demanded Moulai.