Jul 17, 2014, 11:35 PM
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Rouhani: Nuclear talks' extension possible, if necessary

Tehran, July 17, IRNA – Reaching a comprehensive nuclear agreement with the western Sextet within the remaining short period till July 20 is possible, but if necessary, further extension of the negotiation period, too, is possible, President Hassan Rouhani said here Thursday evening.

'The frontline soldiers of our country's diplomacy showed the reality to the world nations that Iran and the Iranian nation favor sound logic and dialogue,' said President Rouhani in a meeting with the Iranian media representatives.

He said that in these rounds of nuclear negotiations we have observed lenience in order to build trust and to show transparency, adding, 'But we have not made the slightest compromise over the rights of the Iranian nation, and we will never do so.'

'It was tough for the Iranian government during this round of the nuclear negotiations with the 5+1 Group (the UN Security Council big 5 and Germany) to keep our foreign minister abroad for such a long period of time, but as they showed patience, we too did so to prove the fact to the world that we favor sound logic and holding dialogue,' said Rouhani.

The president said that if Tehran will make sure that the other side respects the Iranian nation's demands and rights within the framework of the international laws earnestly, we will continue negotiating with them, and if necessary, we will also agree with the extension of the negotiation period.

'What we want in these talks is a win-win agreement in which everyone's benefits will be observed,' he emphasized.

President Rouhani said that the success of these negotiations is both to the benefit of the world and the Iranian nation, arguing, 'It has been cleared for everyone that we are negotiating for the sake of the region's stability and security and to safeguard the world nations' interests.'

'These negotiations have by no means been held under the pressure of the sanctions; we have never been sacred of the sanctions, and we are still not; the government's programs are devised aimed at achieving national objectives, regardless of the outcome of these negotiations,' said the president.

He reiterated that Tehran hopes that the other side has realized this reality that if it takes a step it is aimed at securing the interests of the world nations, the region, and naturally also the Iranian nation.

• Media's support needed

President Rouhani stressed that his government does need the support of the entire media, but not for itself as the 11th government, but for securing the country's national interests.

The president asked the media to choose their headlines and write their articles and news items in line with the people's interests and demands, and not those of certain groups, parties, or lobbies.

'Today the people demand creation of job opportunities, under such conditions that we have such a huge population of educated unemployed young people,' said the president.