President's Adviser condemns committing crimes in name of religion

Tehran, July 15, IRNA – President's Special Adviser in Ethnic Minorities Affairs Hojjatoleslam Ali Younesi said in a meeting with Armenians here Monday evening that committing crimes in the name of religions is definitely condemned.

'A group of bigots are defaming religions under the disguise of religious beliefs, while aggression and committing crimes in the name of religion is definitely condemned,' said Younesi, a former intelligence minister in former Iranian president Mohammad Khatami's cabinet, said in an address for a gathering of Tehrani and north Iranian Armenians at Iranian Armenians Association.

'The divine religions and monotheist prophets of God have never approved of aggression and observing cruelty against other human beings because the nature of the Creator of universe is abundant is love and kindness,' he said.

'Resorting to force and imposing obligations cannot be used to attract the people towards dogmatic and rigid beliefs, claiming that those who do so want to guide the people towards heaven,' he said.

Turning to the ongoing criminal acts of the racist-Zionist regime, Younesi said, 'Unfortunately, during the course of the past few decades the Zionist regime with the criminal acts it has committed against the people of Palestine, has become the top murder in the world history that have with their blind and racist deeds always kept the region in chaotic and crisis-prone conditions.'

He said that the emergence of hardliner religious groups in the region, too, is a result of the Zionists' deeds.

The presidential adviser said that extremism and aggression against the people is condemned under the name of any religion, adding, 'Presently, the region has suffered greatly due to the blind deeds of some extremist Muslims in the name of the ISIS, Al Qaeda, and the Taliban.'

Younesi said that such stands adopted by those groups are to the loss of the people and their beliefs, arguing, 'I makes no difference resorting to what kind of religious belief the criminal acts and aggression takes place, because at any rate such deeds are totally unrelated with the real essence of religions as the Prophets of God all used to invite the people towards monotheism resorting to love and kindness.'

The president's special adviser for ethnic minorities' affairs said that a religion should not be taken advantage of at the service of the material intentions of a group of people is incorrect.

'Throughout the history of mankind there have been people who have committed crimes and resorted to aggression to secure their own material interests under the disguise of different religions,' he said.

Younesi meanwhile appreciated the initiative of the Armenians of Tehran and northern parts of Iran in hosting Islamic fast breaking ceremonies (Iftar parties) saying, 'Fasting exists in all divine faiths, and it is only their methods and rituals that differ in different religions.

'Fasting for God's sake is a pretext aimed at further strengthening of our relations with God, and this important point teaches the people that for proximity with God the one who fasts also gets closer to the other human beings to please God,' he added.

The Archbishop of Armenians of Tehran and northern parts of Iran, too, in the ceremony in an address condemned the criminal acts of the Zionists, saying, 'Massacring the people in the name of God is ridiculous, and unfortunately blind dogmatism is seen in entire religions, resorting to which some people try to achieve certain objectives.

'Religious extremists in addition to demolishing the façade of religions also harm the people's beliefs and make the people escape from religious beliefs,' added Archbishop Sobbouh Serkisian.

'We are not permitted to posses the divine religions aimed at achieving our own narrow objectives,' he added.