Jul 14, 2014, 11:26 PM
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Israeli onslaught brings UN’s credibility under question: Dr. Komeli

New Delhi, July 14, IRNA – Strongly condemning the Israeli onslaught on innocent Palestinians, an eminent Indian religious scholar Monday said that Israeli continued aggression against people of Gaza has brought UN’s credibility under question.

“The world body’s lamentable action against the violence being carried out by the Israeli government against the defenseless population in Gaza has diminished its credibility” Dr. Hassan Komeli, president Tafheem-e-Islam said, in an exclusive interview with IRNA.

He noted that this is not the first time that Israel is engaged in inhuman and criminal act. 'Since 2006, Israel’s illegal blockade, this is the third Israeli war on the people of Gaza. But, the world body, which was meant to help the oppressed and deal with iron hands with the oppressors, merely condemning in soften words.'

“This time up to the present day, the Israeli army has killed more than 150 innocent Palestinians, including women and children and injured more than 1000 persons, what the world has witnessed the mere condemnation by the UN,” Dr. Hassan further noted.

He went on to say that this impotency of the world body has encouraged Israel to continue the genocide. “Even the US, by the impotent acts of UN, has also been encouraged to drive the world according to their own wishes,” added Indian scholar.

Condemning the genocide in strongest term, Dr. Komeli also castigated the Arab world over its criminal silence.

He Urged them to break their bonds with imperialism, raise their voice against this inhuman act and support the oppressed Palestinians indeed, not merely in words of mouth.

The president of Tafheem-e-Islam also called upon the international community and human rights organizations not to only denounce the Israeli aggression and show solidarity with the innocent Palestinian people, but to pressurize the Israeli government to stop the persecution and take the case of its war crimes to the International Court of Justice.