Jul 14, 2014, 2:41 AM
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Zarif: We face seven more hard days

Vienna, July 14, IRNA – Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said no result has yet been reached on nuclear talks, but there are seven more days to continue talks.

At the end of 12th day of Vienna 6 talks, Zarif, on Sunday evening after meetings and discussing with his US and European counterparts in Coburg Hotel, Vienna, told reporters that in the past five hours he met all members of Group 5+1 and had good discussions with them.

He stressed that in all meetings they tried to find new methods to settle remaining problems and remove obstacles in the opportunity obtained with presence of foreign ministers in Vienna.

Zarif continued that unilateral prediction or imposing limitation would not help, but we tried to consider new ways today.

'We have not reached an agreement yet, but discussions were very good and I felt that all sides are interested to find a way for settlement and I hope this atmosphere continues.'

Zarif said, 'Negotiation is due to continue, and as I have already said presence of foreign ministers in Vienna was a part of work and it is not its end and we continue our work from Monday morning again.'

He added, 'Mr. Kerry may stay in Vienna and our negotiation will continue, but other delegations will be present in the level of directors and I and Ms. Ashton will continue our work.'

The foreign minister pointed out that one week of heavy work is ahead and he believes if all try hard and think together, a result will be reached.

Answering a question concerning enrichment capacity and the number of centrifuges, Zarif said that discussions on all these issues continue and we are trying to find a way for all negotiating issues.