Jul 12, 2014, 11:34 PM
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President Rouhani strongly criticizes int'l silence on Israeli crimes

Tehran, July 12, IRNA -- Iranian President Hassan Rouhani condemned Israel's criminal acts in the Gaza Strip and criticized the international community and the so-called advocates of human rights organizations, including the United Nations, for keeping mum about the terrorist actions in the Middle East, specially Palestine.

'You see that the entire world have remained silent about these big crimes,' President Rouhani said on Saturday.

The Iranian president said they kill a nation for the death of a Jew while even they have masterminded his death themselves.

On Thursday, President Rouhani in separate letters to heads of Muslim states urged them to do their best to help the oppressed Palestinian people and lift the siege of the Gaza strip.

'Unity of Muslim countries against the enemies is vital at this juncture,' President Rouhani said in his letters.

Meantime, he warned that the cruel blockade of Gaza and acute shortage of medical aids are worrying and can lead to a human catastrophe.

'Helping the oppressed people of Palestine and preventing the Zionist regime from committing its atrocities are the common responsibility of all international organizations and freedom-loving countries of the world,' the Iranian president said.

He pointed to the 'heroic' and 'legitimate' resistance of the people and resistance groups in Palestine, and said, 'Undoubtedly, the resilient and great nation of Palestine, with its indomitable will, will once again defeat the Zionist regime.'