Jul 12, 2014, 8:42 AM
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Rouhani publishes: NAM declaration in UN on criminal acts in Gaza

Tehran, July 12, IRNA – Rotating head of NAM, Iranian president, issued a declaration seriously condemning systematic crimes of Zionists against Palestinians, asking concerned regional and international bodies to heed their humanitarian responsibilities.

'Siege of Gaza Strip must be fully and immediately lifted and humanitarian aids must be forwarded to the Palestinians in need of them there,' said President Hassan Rouhani in the NAM declaration.

The intensive air strikes against the residential areas of Gaza that have killed dozens of Palestinians so far and wounding of hundreds of them, including many women and children, once again echoed the sad tragedy of the Palestinian nation, and the obvious breaching of the entire international laws by the Zionists before the open eyes of the world nations, it reads

The recent aggressive acts have led to the creation of a catastrophic condition that has put at stake both the regional and the international peace and security, it adds.

Military invasion against Gaza Strip takes place under such conditions that the region is still due to the lingering siege of Gaza throughout the past many years suffering from a dilemma due to the heavy shortage of medical and health facilities and the Palestinians face numerous hardships even for curing their wounded victims of the recent attacks, it says.

The occurrence of a great human catastrophe is feared under the current conditions and while expressing deep concern about its occurrence in Gaza Strip, I emphasize the need for offering humanitarian aids to the people of that region, immediately.

I, as the president of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and the rotating head of the NAM, while seriously condemning the systematic, illegal, and inhumane crimes against the Palestinians, ask the entire concerned regional and international bodies to heed their legal responsibilities immediately, in line with immediate and full lifting of the Gaza siege and in forwarding of humanitarian aids for the Palestinian people, as well as blocking the path for more aggressive acts and the greater massacre of the oppressed Palestinian people through adoption of an effective legal and international mechanism to pursue and put to trail the criminal Zionists.

The NAM declaration ends with deep pessimism on the impotence of the UN Security Council for adopting immediate measures to stop the ongoing aggressions and asks the UNSC members to immediately heed their responsibilities for putting an end to those unjust aggressions.