Jul 11, 2014, 8:04 AM
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Indifference of regional states to Zionist crimes criticized

Tehran, July 11, IRNA – Islamic Jihad representative in Tehran said countries of the region pay attention to the World Cup news more than the Zionist regime crimes in Gaza.

Nasser Abu Sharif, in an interview with IRIB Channel 2 on Thursday evening, said that massacre of the civilians is on the agenda of the Zionist regime and most of the martyrs in Gaza in recent days are civilians.

He added we do not have hygienic materials in Gaza and many ambulances do not work anymore because of lack of fuel; situation of electricity and water is very bad in the region, too.

Asked how Gaza resistance forces could get weapons with a range of 140 kilometers, he answered that our people's will and determination has removed all insufficiencies.

We were seeking self sufficiency, so we tried to strengthen Gaza before attacks of the Zionist regime.

Abu Sharif continued we might be weak compared with many countries armed forces, but we defend with iron will and in the past one year we have gained tactics and methods to defend Gaza to be able to create a reciprocal balance of terror.

He added that missiles of the resistance have been very effective in disrupting security of the Zionists.

Asked about Daesh terrorist group, Abu Sharif said they are a religious danger who are unfortunately being supported.

This group is trying to disintegrate Islamic countries and later they will make trouble for their own supporters.

Abu Sharif stressed that some countries like Iran support Palestine, but there are countries which are trying to create Iranophobia.

Referring to recent remarks of the Supreme Leader concerning presence of terrorist groups in Iraq and necessity of support for Palestine, Abu Sharif said as his Excellency said this war is between Islam and colonialists.

He reminded that late Imam Khomeini, by calling the last Friday of Ramazan as 'Quds Day' wanted all Muslims to rise to defend oppressed people.