Iranian diplomat: Sextet FMs heading for Vienna to facilitate agreement

Vienna, July 9, IRNA – An Iranian diplomat said here Tuesday that the foreign ministers of the US, Britain, Germany, France, Russia and China will arrive in Vienna later this week to contribute to finalizing a nuclear agreement with Iran.

'The 5+1 Group foreign ministers will later this week, probably on Friday, Saturday and Sunday arrive in Vienna, but that does not mean having reached of a final agreement,' said that Vienna based Iranian diplomat in an interview with IRNA.

He said that the sextet countries' foreign ministers would come to Vienna to contribute to reaching an agreement, and will leave after that, but the negotiations between the two sides will continue.

'Will Dr. Zarif, too, return to Tehran?' asked IRNA. 'No,' replied the diplomat.

On July 2, the representatives of Iran and the sextet began their 6th round of their comprehensive talks with the western powers aimed at finalizing the drafting of a final agreement in the Austrian capital city, Vienna, called the Vienna 6 nuclear negotiations.