TPO of Iran: Dispatching trade delegations to 30 countries 2014 priority

Abadan, July 6, IRNA – Dispatching trade delegations to thirty countries around the globe is this year's priority for the Trade Promotion Organization of Iran (TPO), the marketing and relations regulation deputy TPO director said here Saturday.

'Thirty foreign trade activists have been chosen to comprise a trade delegation that will be dispatched to thirty countries around the globe within the next thirty days,' said Hamid Aboutaleb-Badri in an interview with IRNA Economic Desk.

He said that the TPO has activated ten of its overseas branch offices for sponsoring such events as trade exhibitions in collaboration with ten major foreign countries.

'Such trade activities will include sponsoring joint bilateral trade exhibitions with different host countries, exclusive trade exhibitions of the Islamic Republic of Iran in different countries and dispatching trade delegations to different countries,' said Badri.

Focusing in adverting issue, the marketing and relations regulation deputy of the TPO said that the TPO trade experts are monitoring the markets' status in different foreign countries.

The top TPO official meanwhile spoke about the establishment of joint trade commissions with different foreign countries, arguing that during the course of the current (Iranian) year (began on March 20, 2014) at least ten such commissions have been established.

Badri also referred to an agreement reached on the construction of a joint trade township with China.

'Foreign investments are the best type of them and our main objective is attraction of direct foreign investments in Iran,' he added.

He said that attraction of investors and identification of individuals capable of making huge investment in the country's various free trade zone (FTZs) is another activity of the TPO, which plays a significant role in the rapid economic development of those trade zones.

The successful experience of the world's leading countries in the economic sphere is the result of their strong focus on the export promotion and development of foreign trade, according to the official website of the TPO.

The TPO's functions include promotion, facilitation, information, and administration of trade relations, and providing support for the country's business community.

The three core functions of trade policy, trade promotion, and trade facilitation provide support for building productive capacities, upgrading industrial and agro-technologies, and expansion of exports and export markets.

In pursuit of those objectives and in view of the leading role of TPOs in preparing new policies and providing support facilities needed to develop a comprehensive infrastructure for the foreign trade, the Export Promotion Center of Iran (EPCI) with nearly four decades of hands-on experience in promoting the non-oil export was restructured in 2004 and took up its new mandate as the Trade Promotion Organization (TPO) of Iran.