Iranian national beach football team ranks 1st in Belarus tournament

Tehran, July 6, IRNA – The Iranian national beach football team beat host team Belorussia 4-3 in a trilateral tournament in Minsk, ranking first in the friendly tournament.

The Iranian and the Belarusian teams that had both beaten the Czech team played the trilateral tournament's final match on Sunday evening.

The Iranian national team had earlier beat the Czech side 6-4 and the Belarus team had gained the better 5-1 result versus the Czech national team.

Belarus was naturally benefitted from the constant applaud of the game's spectators, but could gain no better a result than a 3-4 defeat, and a total 3 points in the trilateral tournament to stand 2nd, next to Iran with 6 its points.

The Iranian team's goals were shot by Mahdi Hosseini, Mohammad Mokhtari, Moslem Mesigar, and the team's goalkeeper Hamid Behzadpour.

The tournament officials also chose Iran's Hossein Abdollahi as the best player of the tournament and awarded him a plaque of honor during the closing ceremony of the tournament together with the gold medals of the top team, Iran.

The Iranian national beach football team is currently preparing itself for its potentially tough competitions in preliminary round of the 2015 Portugal Beach Football World Cup.