Jul 4, 2014, 3:21 PM
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Tehran, July 4, IRNA – Foreign Ministry spokeswoman here Friday strongly condemned the brutal atrocities of Zionist regime against Palestinian civilians in Gaza Strip, and West Bank that has claimed lived of dozens of lives of defenseless people there.

Marziyeh Afkham meanwhile asked the international community, especially the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) to condemn the repeated criminal acts of that regime in the occupied territories and to adopt effective measures aimed at halting them immediately.

She said that the limitations imposed by the racist Zionists in blocking the path for the entry of the Palestinians into the Holy Qods Mosque on the first Friday of the fasting month of Ramadan following the Zionists' killing of a Palestinian young boy in the occupied Holy Qods City was both a sign of the Zionist regime's weakness and its being highly intimidated.

'Beyond doubt, the brave Palestinian nation in confrontation with the aggressions and the war crimes of the Zionist regime throughout the history of occupation have day after day gained a greater extent of resistance power,' she said

'Resorting to their strategy of resistance, the Palestinians will not only make the compromise plans face defeat, but will manage to materialize their absolute rights and stabilize them,' she added.

That is while the relatives of the Palestinian youth said Friday that he was abducted about 4 a.m. Wednesday while waiting alone outside his home for the early-morning call to prayer.

Bushra Abu Khieder, his aunt, said a surveillance camera at her husband’s nearby store recorded the scene, which showed a Hyundai car being driven toward her nephew and turning around three times. When it stopped, one of the passengers approached him, asked a question and then grabbed him and pushed him into the car, she said. The Zionist police said they were reviewing the video footage.

Khieder’s mother, Suha Abu Khieder, told reporters that her son had been “robbed from my lap.”

Israeli forces have carried out a massive security operation across the West Bank in recent weeks, arresting more than 400 Palestinians and killing at least five Palestinians during a search for the three Israeli teens and their captors.

Attacks by Jewish settlers on Palestinians and their property — “price-tag” attacks that started as a campaign meant to avenge Israeli military or Palestinian actions against settlements — have increased in recent years, and some Palestinians said Wednesday that Khieder’s killing was the latest example of vigilante justice.

On Wednesday, Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zohri said the organization held Netanyahu and other Israeli leaders “directly responsible” for Khieder’s kidnapping and killing and vowed revenge.

“They will pay the price of all these crimes, and you will see it soon,” he said.