Shiraz Prosecutor: Summoning of Facebook manager to court sheer lie

Shiraz, May 28, IRNA – Published news in some virtual websites on summoning of Facebook Manager Mark Zuckerberg by a court in Fars province is a sheer lie, and is categorically rejected as false news, Prosecutor of Shiraz General and Revolutionary Courts said Tuesday night.

Ali Alqasimehr said in an interview with IRNA that there are of course a number of complaints filed by individuals against Facebook for publication of some images and inclusion of some films in that website.

He also rejected the broadcasted news on filtering of the WhatsApp, and Instagram software by a Shirazi judge, reiterating, “We have had no filtering in that field thus far.”

The judiciary official added that of course in this respect there have been some complaints filed against those websites on internet fraud by some (users?) or publication of some unethical images, in which those who have filed the complains have asked for identification of the people involved.

He emphasized that even in that respect no order for filtering any website has been issued and the complaints field by those individuals are being surveyed.

“The individuals’ complaints against the Facebook and the executive managers of WhatsApp and the Instagram software are under survey at two branches of Shiraz courts of justice, allocated to internet crimes,” said Alqasimehr.

A court in Fars province has ordered the American tech tycoon to address violation of privacy claims over the reach of the Facebook-owned WhatsApp and Instagram services, ISNA news agency reported yesterday, which received a broad internal and international attraction and re-publication coverage immediately.

“Based on the judge's verdict, the Zionist manager of Facebook, or his lawyer... should report to the prosecutor's office to defend himself and make compensation for damages,” Rouhollah Momen-Nasab, a senior Iranian internet security official, told ISNA.

“Following a complaint lodged by some of our fellow countrymen over the violation of their privacy and problems ensuing from WhatsApp and Instagram, the judiciary official has ordered a ban on these two software devices,” he said.