Mar 10, 2014, 7:48 AM
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Takfiris a threat against Islamic world: Egyptian scholar

Qom, March 10, IRNA – A professor of Egyptian University of Al-Azhar said unity among Islamic Umma should be deeper, because Takfiris are threatening the whole Islamic world.

Sheikh Taj-al-ddin al-Helali, in a press conference here on Sunday afternoon, underlined that Takfiris and their thought are like a Virus, which resists against medicine, and they are resisting against thought of approximity, so we have to find new medicine to confront with them.

He said that preparing grounds for dialogue between scholars of Qom Seminary and Saudi Arabia is necessary.

The al-Azhar professor continued that when dialogue between great Ulama of the Islamic world reaches a conclusion, then it would be time for young people, who are seeking religion and justice, to get acquainted with culture of jihad and their energy should be channelized against the Zionist regime and the USA.

Al-Helali said without dialogue and talks and without using the weapon of thought we can not confront with Takfiris.

He called Imam Hossein (PBUH), the third Imam of Shia, as the most important element for unity among Muslims, because his uprising was a big move against monarchy.