America’s ouster from region only solution to resolve Syrian conflict: Indian Academician

New Delhi, Jan 31, IRNA – Ouster of the US from the region is the only solution to resolve the Syrian conflict in particular and other conflicts in general, said an eminent Indian academician Friday in New Delhi.

In an exclusive interview with IRNA, Professor Basir Ahmed Khan, former Pro-Vice Chancellor of Indira Gandhi National Open University in Delhi said: “Syria is the victim of the proxy war of the US. The conflict would end tomorrow if the US is ousted from the region.'

Replying to the question, why the US is engage in proxy war in Syria, Indian Scholar said that America has clear imperialist and hegemonic designs for the expansion of its dominance in the region.

'Being adept in regime change, the US wanted to install puppet regime in Syria to contain Iran, which is it’s final target. Because, since the victory of the Islamic Revolution, led by Imam Khomeini (RA), in 1979, The Persian Gulf nation, with extreme resistance, is defying America’s imperialist game plan and has thwarted it’s all hegemonic policies,' noted Basir.

He further noted that if you look around most of the regional countries are virtually the US protectorate.

'And wherever it had faced resistance the US, disregarding for civilian deaths, attacked and has installed puppet regimes there. But in case of Iran it’s strategic design couldn’t succeed as the destiny had something else in store for the US. Now, Iran has become the hard nut to crack for it,' he added.

Advocating a political solution for the conflict in Syria, Basir Khan, who is also the former head of the Department of Islamic Studies in Hamdard University, stressed that Iran is the only country can play a pivotal role in resolving the conflict.

'Moreover, the anti-imperialist countries of the region should come forward, keeping the US led West at bay, should work for a politically negotiated settlement by all concerned forces in Syria with maintaining the sovereignty of the country,' he added.