Jan 30, 2014, 11:25 PM
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Iranian, Swedish envoys: Political solution needed for Syrian crisis

Beirut, Jan 30, IRNA – Ambassadors of Iran and Sweden to Lebanon in a meeting here on Thursday emphasized the need for finding a political way to resolve the Syrian crisis to end shedding blood of more innocent people.

Sweden’s Ambassador Niklas Kebbon and his Iranian counterpart Ghazanfar Roknabadi met in Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Beirut and exchanged ideas on regional developments, particularly in Syria and Lebanon, according to the IRNA correspondent in Lebanon.

Ambassador Kebbon emphasized that the international society is truly responsible for finding a political way to resolve the Syrian crisis and to block the path for further bloodshed in that country, as well as continuing the humanitarian support for the Syrian refugees and the civilians inside Syria.

He said that the presence of Iran in Geneva II Peace Conference on Syria was a dire necessity and expressed hope that the process of political resolving of that crisis amid participation of the entire influential sides would continue.

The Iranian ambassador, too, for his part referred to the aggressive moves made by the extremist terrorists, such as the Takfiri groups, against the followers of every faith and religion in Syria, saying that ending the foreign support and military arming of those groups will be the first step towards true resolving of the Syrian crisis through political ways.

Roknabadi said that Iran’s basic and permanent stand is resolving the Syrian crisis through political ways and by the Syrian nation themselves, and support for the votes of the majority in free and fair elections there.

Both ambassadors in the meeting also emphasized that the political sides in Lebanon need to keep on talking and achieving compromise as soon as possible in order to preserve their country’s stability and security.