Jan 30, 2014, 2:27 AM
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Tehran dismisses Obama's anti-Iran claims “unconstructive’

Tehran, Jan 30, IRNA – Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman on Wednesday evaluated the US President Obama's remarks on Iran and the region 'unrealistic and unconstructive.'

Marziyeh Afkham said that President Obama's statement stems from his wrong perception of Iran’s commitment to its merely peaceful indigenous nuclear program.

She added that the illusion that the sanctions had influenced Iran’s motive and interest in nuclear talks results from a mistaken historical anecdote, being a totally wrong interpretation of Tehran’s intention to provide westerners with a new opportunity to establish another form of relation with Iranian people and try to win confidence of Iranian people and eliminate any kind of doubt about peaceful nature of Iran’s nuclear program.

The spokeswoman said the USA considers its most important achievement preventing Iran to access nuclear weapon, while that's a totally wrong claim, because Iran has never intended to have nuclear weapon.

She added that repeated maneuver of the US officials on a diluted and self-constructed issue is not constructive, and is rather feared to divert the US foreign policy from the right path.

Afkham went on to say that the US president's emphasis on Iran’s obligations and disrespect to the responsible moves of all the negotiating sides should be taken as a faulty interpretation out of proud.

She added that the US officials should not forget about their own obligations and reciprocal commitments towards the Geneva joint action plan.

Iran is obliged to its commitments towards the Geneva joint action plan and believes that by implementing its commitments and good willing and political intention of the other side, especially the USA, the possibility to find a comprehensive solution will be availble within a short and logical span of time.

The spokeswoman described Iran’s approaches and view points to diplomatically settling regional and international crises as 'fully progressive'.

Noting that such an approah is growingly welcomed and justified worldwide, Afkham said that certainly, proper and comprehensive understanding on the basis undeniable realities would make settlement of crises possible.

She said the USA terms one of the most powerful and responsible Lebanese popular trends as 'terrorist', while keeping silent towards daily crimes of all the major and minor terrorist and Takfiri trends in the region. She added that the US not only dares to avoid commitment of such crimes but also tries to prepare legal and legitimate grounds for them.

Afkham underlined that as long as such wrong understanding persists, it would be hard and very difficult to drastically and effectively solve the terrorism problem and the crises coming about as a result.