Jan 28, 2014, 2:42 AM
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Zarif: Persian Gulf region can be zone for peaceful cooperation

Tehran, Jan 28, IRNA – The Persian Gulf region can be a peaceful zone for cooperation, but ensuring its security by foreign forces is not an appropriate way for easing concerns, said the Iranian foreign minister on Monday in a meeting with a former French top diplomat.

Herve de Charette who had arrived in Tehran earlier on Monday morning met Mohammad Javad Zarif on Monday evening and consulted with him on issues of mutual interest, including the security of the Persian Gulf.

The Iranian foreign minister further noted that the Islamic Republic of Iran had as of years ago designed a plan for collective security of the Persian Gulf, which still lacks a proper framework, and of course new issues can be added to it.

“The developments in some Arab Middle East countries can invigorate the extremism threat, and accordingly we are in need of contemplation and devising a new indigenous patter for regional security,” Zarif added.

On bilateral relations, Zarif said that the two countries’ relations can expand satisfactorily based on mutual trust building.

He also said that the Iranian democratic system was established based on numerous elections and coming to power of governments with varying political and social approaches.

The Iranian foreign minister meanwhile stressed that the bloodshed in Syria and resolving the crisis in that country, which are dire necessities, is possible only through effective political measures.

“The fate of the Syrian nation must be determined by the Syrians at the election polls and the westerners, too, have confirmed that in case there would be a free and fair election there the results may be something different from their expectations.

The former French foreign minister, too, said for his part that Iran plays a very influential role in the region and works towards regional and international peace and security.

On Iran’s nuclear agreement with the world powers, too, Herve de Charette reiterated that tangible results could be achieved by establishment of mutual trust.

Also on Saturday, in a meeting with the Iranian Supreme Leader's top aide Ali Akbar Velayati, De Charette underlined the important roles played by Tehran and Paris in regional equations, and said that the French and Iranian officials are resolved to further develop the two states' bilateral relations.

“We will hear highly positive news about the relations between Iran and France in coming days since the two sides enjoy the political resolve to do so,” De Charette told reporters after meeting.

“I am highly optimistic about the relations between Iran and France,” he added.

The former French top diplomat stressed that the new atmosphere and measures adopted by Iranian President Hassan Rouhani have paved the ground for progress in the relations between Tehran and Paris after a long time.