Tehran, Jan 25, IRNA – Deputy foreign minister referred to time span between Geneva 1 and Geneva 2 conferences for crisis resolving in Syria, saying prerequisite for holding Geneva 3 is all sides’ faith in need for political crisis resolving there, free from outsiders’ imposing.

Ali Sarmadi said that the elapsed time between the Geneva 1 and Geneva 2 conferences was needed for some countries to realize that there is no military solution to the Syrian crisis, and the political solution is the only way.

“During the time between the Geneva 2 and the Geneva 3 conferences, too, the involved sides in the Syrian crisis need to come up with the conclusion that the political solution is the only way to resolve the crisis, and that solution to needs to be a Syrian-Syrian one.”

Pointing out that still the first session of talks between the representatives of the Syrian government and the opponents has not been convened in Geneva, Sarmadi said, “Geneva 2 is convened under the heavy shadow of many problems and disputes among the coalition of the opponents of the Syrian government.”

“Beyond doubt the regional countries can find an appropriate political solution for the Syrians’ problems and to present it, and this is in need of efforts by the influential sides in the negotiations,” he said.