Jan 23, 2014, 11:52 PM
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Moderation, an Islamic lesson for World

By: Reza Bahar Tehran, IRNA, Jan 23, -- Moderation and a constructive engagement with the international community, as expressed in President Hassan Rouhani’s address at the World Economic Forum, are the main features of a doctrine that looks for a world with no injustice.

The Iranian President told the world leaders that this doctrine is based on what he has learned from Islam.

“This is a lesson I have taken from Islam,” President Rouhani said at the 44th meeting in Davos.

As head of the government of hope and prudence, Mr. Rouhani portrayed Islam as a religion that has the potentials to promote global economic justice.

“Koran, the Holy book of the Muslims, teaches us ‘‘but, that which profits people remains on the earth’’,” said the president.

No doubt, as a veteran politician and follower of Islam, Mr. Rouhani is well aware of the new world economic order.

He knows that the world economy, dominated by the big powers, is reshaping the globe by defining new roles for the countries as economic entities.

As the President of a Middle Eastern important state, he knows that the new picture the world economy is trying to create for the future is in fact a jigsaw puzzle that the countries are going to complete it.

Mr. Rouhani knows every country that has something to offer is going to be a piece in the final world economic picture, and the world economic order never hesitates to let the less powerful states to meltdown or be devoured by the larger economies.

Based on this understanding, he presented the world delegates with the Islamic ideals that urge global justice. And to approach the international community, he has offered constructive engagement with the world.

“One of the main theoretical and practical basis for my government is an international constructive engagement,” he said.

By believing in such a constructive engagement with the world, you are going to pay attention to the suffering of other nations, and this has been expressed in Mr. Rouhani’s address.

“We cannot be indifferent toward the sufferings and distresses of other nations in the region.”

Sure enough, despite a global effort by the big powers to impose their favored economic order which advocates almost no room for weaker nations, President of the Islamic Republic maintains that every country should be given an equal chance to participate in establishing a new world order.

“In organizing a new world, we should make sure that all the nations are guaranteed an equal chance to partake in the [global] economic and social development,” he said.

“This is essential for a secure and developed world community that every nation embraces economic freedom and has a right to determine its political future,” he added.