Jan 22, 2014, 6:38 AM
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IRIB Head: Curiosity, cause for people’s watching satellite TVs

Tehran, Jan 22, IRNA – Head of IRIB said Tuesday although by launching various Persian language satellite TVs, system’s enemies have assumed they matter for our nation, they ignore the fact that even if those stations' temporary viewers are only due to some people’s curiosity

Seyyed Ezzatollah Zarqami said that even that small portion of curious viewers of these television stations, too, eventually get back to watch the country’s national TV stations, which have strong bonds of relationship with them.

Zarqami said that launching the satellite TVs has been among the policies of the oppressor system’s media policies and it has been made clear today that they have focused at encountering the Islamic Revolution of the Iranian nation.

Emphasizing that the global oppression system (of the West, spearheaded by the US and the Zionist regime) is a staunch enemy of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

He added, “The Persian language speaking people, in comparison with the earth population, are a limited number, but today 150 satellite televisions are broadcasting programs exclusively for them, which both shows the extent of their enmity, and the importance of the Islamic Revolution for them.”

Zarqami said, “On that basis, I believe the satellite televisions pose no serious threat against the Islamic Republic, although the concerned officials should be well aware and those in charge of the related budgets should provide the required assets so that the entire capacities and potentials for production, particularly in dramatic arts will be materialized.”

The Wikipedia has a 45 page list of the present day Persian language TV stations. It all the same states that the recently launched Persian language satellite TVs might not be included.