Iran: No official report on arrest of suspects in abducted Iranian citizen

Tehran, Jan 16, IRNA – Reacting to broadcasted news on arrest of 3 suspects accused of abducting Iranian citizen Abbas Yazdanpanah in Emirates, Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Marziyeh Afkham said Iran has still received no official report on the issue from UAE.

“We, too, have heard about the matter through the media, but there has still been no official information on the matter from concerned officials in the United Arab Emirates, and we are therefore, waiting for such news from their side,” she said.

“In order to pursue the status of those citizens of our country, and in accordance with the international conventions, the Iranian embassy in Emirates has delivered notes to the UAE Foreign Ministry inquiring about their status,” added Afkham.

The foreign ministry spokeswoman said that ever since hearing the news on abduction of Abbas Yazdanpanah in August, 2013, too, the Foreign Ministry has asked for a full account about his status and we expect the Emirates to provide us with information about him, as he is an important person involved in the Crescent file.

Reports indicated that Abbas Yazdanpanah Yazdi, born in 1969, is a British passport holder of Iranian origin. He is the owner of a public trade company. The security authorities found belongings of the victim in a house rented by a man who was arrested by the State Security in Dubai.

UAE State Security in Dubai has arrested three Iranian nationals accused of kidnapping Abbas Yazdi, it was announced on January 10, 2014.

According to Atena Yazdi, her husband went missing from his Dubai office on the evening of Tuesday 25 June.

In December Iran's foreign ministry vehemently denied reports that the country has had any role in Yazdi's disappearance and it said it was pursuing his fate with the UAE authorities.

'There have been conflicting reports over the past few months about the disappearance of Mr. Yazdanpanah who resided in the UAE,' said the foreign ministry spokeswomen, Marziyeh Afkham, according to quotes carried by the state English-language television station Press TV.

'The foreign ministry has submitted an official note to the UAE foreign ministry upon receiving the news, asking it to pursue Yazdanpanah's case and to inform (Iran) about his fate.'

She denied Tehran had anything to do with his disappearance. 'Reports accusing Iran of being involved in his Yazdanpanah's disappearance or murder is… ridiculous and completely false. The individual in question was considered a very important witness in … the Crescent (Petroleum)… (arbitration) case, and his [(testimony])… would be in Iran's interest,' she said.

According to Press TV, Iran's National Oil Company had a contract with Crescent Petroleum to export natural gas to the UAE, but cancelled it in 2010 due to 'technical issues' including pricing.