Jan 15, 2014, 2:19 AM
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Ban Ki-moon: UN supports Iran's presence in Geneva II Conference

Tehran, Jan 15, IRNA – UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, in a meeting with Iran's Deputy Foreign Minister in Arab and African Affairs in Kuwait City, said that the United Nations supports Iran's presence in the Geneva II Conference.

According to the report of Foreign Ministry website on Tuesday evening, Ban Ki- moon, in the meeting with Hossein Amir-Abdullahian, who is in Kuwait City to attend a conference to consider Syrian human situation, said that in his talks with all international and regional sides who are involved in Syria crisis, he had underlined necessity of Iran's presence because Iran is a key player.

He stressed that the UN has asked all effective and constructive sides in the political solution for Syria crisis, including Iran, to use their influence to make ceasefire and offer humanitarian aid for Syrian people.

'We are here to pave grounds for assistance to millions of Syrian refugees, who are on the eve of a human tragedy and we are hopeful for Iran's constructive role,' UN secretary general said.

Ban Ki-moon felicitated on Iran and Group 5+1 agreement and expressed his own and the UN support for the agreement and underlined all sides should be committed to their obligations.

Amir-Abdullahian, by referring to Iran's constructive role in assisting to solve crises in Iraq and Afghanistan, expressed Iran's readiness to help Syrian people and reduce violence and sufferings in that country.

He continued that Iran, by its own initiative, has held three international conferences to settle Syrian crisis and in the past two years has dispatched humanitarian aids, including medicine and food for Syrian people.

The Iranian senior diplomat added that Iran supports UN initiatives and Mr. Lakhdar Brahimi and believes that Syrian crisis has no military solution and interference of foreign forces in the region will not help decrease problems but has added to the complicity of the issue.

He underlined that Iran, without any pre-condition is ready to attend the Geneva II Conference.

The deputy foreign minister said Iran believes Syrian crisis has merely a political solution and condition for success in every political tactic is to control terrorism and radicalism in Syria and commitment of all sides to the political tactics and a Syrian-Syrian dialogue.