Russian scholar: US wrong in opposing to Iran’s presence in Geneva II conference

Moscow, Jan 13, IRNA – Former Duma member and head of Russia’s center for the Middle East studies Shamil Sultanov said the US opposition to Iran’s attending the Geneva II conference on Syria is a wrong approach.

Speaking to IRNA on Monday, Sultanov said the American approach damages the overall efforts made by the international community to settle the Syrian problem.

He said at a time when the international community including many political experts and politicians deemed Iran’s presence in the conference as vital and necessary, the objection raised by US and some of its allies reveals the unilateral and despotic attitudes of Washington.

Given Iran’s huge potential as a big Middle East power, Sultanov said, Tehran’s participation in the Geneva II conference would be of great outcome.

Saying that the west policies in the Middle East have, so far, claimed thousands of lives and caused extensive damage to such countries as Libya and Iraq, the Russian scholar further noted that western policies in Palestine have plunged the nation in a bottomless crisis.

Unlike the US and its western and Arab allies, Iran is following balanced policies in Syria and is seeking ways out of the crisis without foreign interventions, Sultanov noted.