Jan 12, 2014, 7:08 AM
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Future of ties between Tehran, Baku is bright: Envoy

Baku, Jan 12, IRNA – Iran’s Ambassador to Azerbaijan Republic Mohsen Pakaein described future of ties between Tehran and Baku is bright and good.

In an interview with Azerbaijan Republic state Newspapers 'Yeni Azerbaijan' on Saturday, Pakaein said Tehran and Baku with commonalities in the fields of culture, language, religion and history have also deep ties in many other areas such as economy, politics and culture.

He added that people of both countries want more contacts either in the level of governments or people and the main reason for this desire is cultural, historical and language commonalities.

Currently, non-oil commercial exchange level between the two countries is more than 500 million dollars and connections between private sectors and businessmen of the two countries are increasing every day.

He also reminded importance of media in development of ties between countries, adding that media have big effect in strengthening relations, so connections between representatives of our media should be more.

Pakaein went on to say that there are elements who want to interfere in mutual relations and are manipulating media for this purpose, so if our media reflect news directly, this will prevent such propaganda.

Iran’s ambassador in Baku referred to international cooperation between Tehran and Baku and added that in international communities, Iran and Azerbaijan Republic support each other's stances and have good cooperation in international and regional bodies.

He evaluated relations between parliaments of the two countries good and said that parliamentary friendship groups have very sincere and positive relations and it is expected that the two groups pay reciprocal visits in the year 2014.

Considering all these factors, the future of ties between Iran and Azerbaijan Republic would be very bright, Pakaein concluded, adding that he was confident sincere and useful ties between the two countries will further develop in the future.