Jan 11, 2014, 2:31 PM
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Tehran does not need 60 Percent enrichment: Salehi

Tehran, Jan 11, IRNA – Head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) Ali Akbar Salehi said Saturday that Tehran has no need to enrich uranium by 60 percent.

Speaking in a televised interview, Salehi made the remarks commenting on a recent request by some members of the Iranian parliament (Majlis) for producing 60-percent enriched uranium.

The Iranian lawmakers have recently drafted a bill that would oblige the government to produce 60-percent enriched uranium in line with the requirements of the nation’s ‘civilian’ nuclear program.

The Iranian parliamentarians had drafted the bill in response to the introduction of a bi-partisan Nuclear Weapons Free Iran Act of 2013 in the US Senate in December 2013. The act was co-sponsored by 26 US senators.

"If the Iranian lawmakers approve the draft bill and turn it into a law then we will be obliged to obey their decision,"Salehi said however, he added, "In fact we do not need 60 percent enrichment."

"Iran will carry out enrichment activities only to provide necessary fuel for the Bushehr nuclear power plant. If we need 20 percent enriched uranium for some peaceful purposes then foreign countries should sell it to us otherwise we will provide it ourselves," said the AEOI president.

Salehi stressed that Iran is currently pursuing its five percent enrichment activities and is studying ways to use nuclear technology in different medical and agricultural fields.

He said all nuclear activities are currently fulfilled by Iranian scientists including uranium exploration, transformation and enrichment activities.

As for Tehran's nuclear talks with the world's major powers, Salehi said the talks would continue and become finalized eventually although there would be some ups and downs in its process.

"There is no way but interaction," Salehi stressed.